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Welcome to the Facilitator’s Guide

We believe that your learning experience in Launching Innovation in Schools will be most powerful if you can take the course with others in a learning circle. A learning circle is a facilitated, in-person study group for learners who are all registered in the course. This course is designed to encourage you to incorporate what you learn in your context as soon as possible, and your learning circle could provide you encouragement, support, perspectives, and more to help you as you do. No one knows your school or context better than the people who work there every day, and asking your colleagues to join you in taking this course is a step toward building a cohort of change leaders where you work.

We’ve created the Launching Innovation in Schools Facilitator's Guide to give you the tools you need to lead a learning circle. In this guide are suggested discussion topics and activities for meetings, but we encourage your learning circle to interact with the course in the ways that seem most valuable and productive for your needs. The way in which your learning circle engages with the course is entirely up to you.   

The Facilitator's Guide has ideas and strategies for working collaboratively, including:

          • Messaging for getting and keeping participants organized
          • Discussion questions to start conversations about the videos, including presentations and Voices in Practice
          • Strategies for making assignments and activities more collaborative
          • Tips from a former facilitator of a Launching Innovation in Schools learning circle

We've also provided Activity Take-Out Packages. Throughout the course, Peter and Justin will share leadership practices that help teams launch innovation together. We’ve modified many of these practices so that they work well for our online community, but we also hope that you’ll adapt them and use them with colleagues in your own schools. Take-Out packages provide facilitators tips and other resources for leading these practices in your own community.

Access the Facilitator's Guide here.

*The Launching Innovation Learning Circles Facilitator's Guide is based on P2PU's Learning Circles Facilitator Handbook.