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Welcome to the Facilitator’s Guide!

We believe that your learning experience in Design Thinking for Leading and Learning will be especially powerful if you can take the course with other colleagues from your school or learning organization. We’ve created the Design Thinking for Leading and Learning Facilitator’s Guide with two goals: 1) to help you make the most of taking the online course with other colleagues, and 2) to help you bring content and experiences from the online course to life in your own schools. 

A learning circle is a peer-facilitated, face-to-face group of learners who are all registered in the course. The way in which your learning circle engages with the course is entirely up to you. It might be that members of your group watch certain videos on their own time and discuss those videos in-person. Maybe your group does assignments together each week. Your learning circle should interact with the course in the ways that seem most valuable and productive. The Facilitator's Guide has ideas and strategies for working collaboratively, including:

  • Suggested schedules for meetings throughout the course 
  • Questions to prompt discussions about course content
  • Strategies for making assignments and activities more collaborative
  • Tips from a former learning circle facilitator 


*The Design Thinking for Leading and Learning Facilitator's Guide is based on P2PU's Learning Circles Facilitator Handbook.